Fashion Cleaners is proud to bring you all of the benefits
offered by the revolutionary new GreenEarth Cleaning System.

Earth Friendly

Say goodbye to hazardous dry cleaning chemicals. Say hello to GreenEarth and cleaner air, water and soil.
  • Clean Air – No petrochemicals. No worry about smog or greenhouse gases.
  • Clean Water – Non-toxic. Nothing to contaminate our water.

People Friendly

GreenEarth is odor free. Safe for skin, allergies. It’s a whole new gentle world of clean.
  • Nice To Your Skin – Pure and gentle. No harsh chemicals. For a clean and clothes that feel good.
  • Nice To Your Nose – 100% odor-free. Finally, dry cleaning without that dry cleaning smell.
  • Nice To Be Around – No more worry about toxic chemicals and fumes. Now that’s something you can live with.

Fabric Friendly 

Clean is just the beginning. Think of us as a spa for your clothes.

  • See the GreenEarth Difference – Clothes stay bright, whites stay white. Fabrics look new, even after repeated dry cleanings.
  • Feel the GreenEarth Difference – Clothes feel smooth and supple again. Just like the day you bought them.
  • Value the GreenEarth Difference – Keeps clothes newer longer. Safe for even the most delicate fabrics and trims.